From invoices to legal documents, eBooks, assignments, bank and credit card records, projects, insurance papers, medical records, and many different files, the corporate and digital world processes and transfers thousands of these files daily.

Now, imagine your fast-paced industry or business without a reliable PDF tool like LuminPDF to simplify this process, especially when the documents are digitized.

To effectively run a company with staff and clients worldwide, you would need on-the-go software to edit or review many documents to increase productivity and efficiency.

In this article, we will be discussing the common implementation cases and how LuminPDF can help.

●     Scanning paper receipts, bank statements, or books

Did you know that one may decide to digitize and revise one’s essential text seamlessly? You do not have a reason to bother with the clarity and arrangement, as the comprehensive features in LuminPDF’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology will scan and then present the text exactly as you need them.

It also makes your texts searchable. This way, you don’t need to browse thousands of words to find a text, even if it is in an image.

Plus, you can garner data from different documents, scan them and create a new file for your work. With the split feature, you can also ensure that you only select the data you need for a task, like addresses, social security numbers, or dates of birth, and then merge PDFs to get a revised version.

And no!

You do not have to lug a scanner about. With LuminPDF on Android (for Android users) and iOS (for Apple users), one can quickly scan one’s texts with a smartphone. Also, you can compress the copies if the pages you have scanned have large file sizes.

  • Converting scans or PDFs to editable formats

It doesn’t matter if one is working with excel sheets, infographics, or PDF texts, there is a feature that allows you to scan and review these texts. With LuminPDF’s OCR tool, one may change an excel sheets to editable pdf with no alterations on the arrangements.

This process is also as easy with Word documents. It aids document processing letting you change handwritten notes to digitalized works to edit.

One may even mark particular phrases and put shapes or pictures.

  • Edit important documents while preserving their original layout

As we have come to realize, the biggest worries of changing or reviewing documents employing digital software are often the regular inability to maintain text layouts. This could pose a challenge to lawyers, real estate agents, or insurance companies that handle very delicate texts.

This explains why a pdf editing tool lets one change and rework your materials while maintaining their page numbers, structure, design, footnotes, etc.

So to rework your pdfs directly or complete the revision on Ms. Word, LuminPdf guarantees your proper format and layout.

●     Simplify translation processes

This use case is perfect for translators. LuminPDF would identify one or numerous languages in one copy, i.e., if the texts in a copy were provided in different languages.

LuminPDF allows translators to scan, change text format, correct, and revise texts and preserve the structure, letters, and design so the reviewed and original versions stay the same.

  • Archive your documents digitally

Some major objectives of digitizing one’s texts include reducing clutter, save space, edit or operate on-the-go, and of course, store or organizing securely.

Lumin lets obe scan copies and store them in folders for organized archiving or retrieval. One may even open new folders and other subfolders to easily arrange your documents with a system you can remember.

  • Reviewing big document files

Say there is a manuscript of over 5,000 pages. Unfortunately, you are required to locate a page with a specific customer’s details. What are your options?

LuminPDF will let you search for particular data with the search feature to conserve the time and hassles of searching the manuscript one page at a time. With this, you can complete that task and still retain enough time to focus on more critical tasks.

One may as well leave comments on a report for another colleague to address on the PDF editor or highlight phrases that one may want to revisit at a later date.

So, are you ready to boost your document workflow?

With LuminPDF’s cloud-based solution, you can manage and introduce ease of workflow in your company. With our workflow tips in these use cases, you may simplify your operations and maximize efficiency.

The seamless user interface also ensures that every team in your company understands as well as optimizes the full suite of tools while collaborating, annotating, and sharing documents.

Get started for free today!

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